Who Is My Neighbor? Inc. (WIMNI) is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides enriching social and educational programs for children, families, and adults to create connections and foster a sense of belonging in our diverse community.

Thank you for your support


You have the option to give a one-time donation or to make a monthly recurring donation as a sustaining neighbor. Any contribution, small or large, is greatly appreciated, and your kind contribution is tax deductible. Thank you for your support,
Tracy Cangiano, Board President,
Lara Arp, Executive Director
Board Members: Monique Coleman, Khahlidra Hadhazy, Kathy Malkiewicz, Nychey Michel, Eleanor Peterson, Laura Reynolds, Jennifer Sanchez, Paola Stevens, Judy Targove, Nirmala Thomas

Music Map

  1. 67 Cleveland Avenue, 12-3pm, Shrimps’ Trio
    Playing tunes from many generations/genres of jazz. An eclectic selection of music to showcase Omar Elshafi on guitar, Dan Connolly on bass, and Jem Seidel on drums.
  2. 211 N. 2nd Avenue, 12-2pm, Neil Kessler Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, original folk-pop songs.
  3. 217 N. 4th Avenue, 12-3pm, AXB (outdoor garage on Wayne at entrance to the middle school parking lot)five piece rock and roll cover band.
  4. 1016 Central Avenue, 12-1pm, Esther Marcus on harp.
  5. 218 Magnolia Street, 12-2pm, Magnolia Street String Band
    Grounded in traditional bluegrass with elements of cosmic Americana, country, and old-time as well as original compositions mixed in.
  6. 333 Harper Place, 12-3pm, Sampa Brazilian and Jazz Trio.
  7. 401 S. Second Avenue, 12-2pm, The Hammers, blues and rockabilly.
  8. 528 S. 2nd Avenue, 12-2pm, Baldwin St. Band
    Four housemates disrupted the monotony of quarantine by learning their favorite songs together. Keyboards, trumpet, and full band vocal harmonies are showcased in their selection of danceable pop, soul, and R&B songs.
  9. 213 Valentine Street, 12-2pm, Valentine Street Strings.