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 Camp Cool Environment June 24-August 8, 2014
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VolunTeen Application - Volunteen application process is now CLOSED

Registration CLOSED for this Week: 6/24-6/27 Outdoor Adventures
Build a temporary shelter from forest materials, stomp through streams, and more outdoor summer fun.
Field trip: Washington Crossings Environmental Center

Week 2: 6/30-7/3 Lost and Found
Learn skills to navigate the world using maps, compasses, geocaching, and orienteering.
Field trip: Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center

Week 3: 7/7-7/11 The Art of Birds
"Most children can identify over 1000 corporate logos but less than 10 native plants and animals."
Create your own "superbirds" using the visual arts, as we learn about native birds, their habitats, physical features and behaviors. 
Field trip: Meadowlands Environment Center

Registration CLOSED for this Week: 7/14-7/18 Detective Week
Just the facts...Learn the scientific processes of examining evidence, including fingerprint analysis, blood typing, and chemical analysis. 
Field trip: Newark Museum Forensics Program

Registration CLOSED for this Week: 7/21-7/25 Engineering Week
Learn about mechanical and electrical engineering, build a solar car, and be a scientist for the day in a real working laboratory. 
Field trip: Rutgers School of Engineering

Week 6: 7/28-8/1 Water World
Get wet. Learn the properties of water, from rainbows to glaciers, from ponds to clouds. Learn how essential water is to all living organisms. 
Field trip: Environmental Education Center at Lord Stirling Park

Week 7: 8/4-8/8 Food Chemistry
Cook and eat your way through the week. Experiment with preserving, pickling, pigment, starches, sugars, yeast, eggs, and growing mold. 
Field trip: Liberty Science Center

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